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At Immune-IT, we prioritize your satisfaction by offering rewarding opportunities in exciting, tailor-made projects for our test, developer, or agile consultants. Alongside a competitive salary, we empower you to customize your compensation package. Would you prefer a company car or a flexible mobility budget? The choice is yours, ensuring your earnings align perfectly with your preferences and lifestyle.

Transparent mobility budget

Here’s what you can expect regarding our company car policy:

  • Free choice of company car: Whether you need a spacious station wagon, a family-friendly vehicle, or a sporty car, the choice is yours.
  • Above-market car budget: We offer a budget that exceeds industry standards, ensuring you can select the vehicle that best suits your needs and preferences.
  • Installation of charging station: Immune-IT covers the expenses for installing a charging station, supporting environmentally-friendly transportation options.
  • European fuel or charging card: Enjoy the convenience of a fuel or charging card accepted across Europe, making refueling hassle-free.
  • Higher budget for (PH)EV’s: For those opting for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, we provide an enhanced budget to facilitate your eco-conscious transportation choices.

Alternatively, you have the option to choose a mobility budget, providing you with the flexibility to use it according to your needs and preferences. Whether it’s for transportation, commuting expenses, or other mobility-related purposes, the choice is yours to make the most out of this versatile benefit.

Het solidmodel

Mooie bonus, meer zekerheid. Natuurlijk snappen wij het als je liever meer zekerheid hebt. Kies dan voor het solidmodel en reken op:

  • Een hoog vast brutomaandsalaris.
  • Een maandelijkse omzetbonus van 5%.

Een jaarlijkse salarisverhoging op basis van klantevaluaties.

Alongside a competitive salary and flexible mobility, you’ll also receive these perks:

Attractive Salary
A competitive salary that reflects your experience and competencies. Additional pay elements include double holiday pay in June and a year-end bonus in December.

GSM + Mobile subscription

Flat-Rate Expenses
A high flat-rate expense allowance to cover job-related expenses.

Meal Vouchers
Receive meal vouchers worth €8 per day worked.

A maximum of €250 per year for purchasing specific ecological products and services.

Annual Group Bonus
Our collective efforts are rewarded. Upon meeting group targets, each consultant receives a net bonus of €2830.

Transparent Mobility Policy
Choose between a company car or a flexible mobility budget, with additional benefits for (PH)EVs and a one-off payment for home charging station installation.

Our group insurance offers a beneficial pension plan for future financial security, along with supplementary disability coverage for peace of mind in unforeseen situations.

Health Insurance
Hospitalization insurance + outpatient insurance including dental care for an insured value of €2500 per year.

Cafeteria Plan
Benefit from advantageous bike leasing with tax benefits, and own the bike at the end of the lease period.

Unlimited Training Budget
We reimburse any education or training expenses that contribute to your professional development.

Plus, enjoy a pleasant home base in the west-region or east-region of Belgium, featuring a relaxed, no-nonsense culture and numerous fun activities to connect with your colleagues. Your free time is yours to enjoy without obligation.

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