With us, the consultant comes first

As a software tester, developer, or agile manager, you’ll not only receive a competitive salary 
and comprehensive benefits but, above all, the autonomy to choose projects that align with
your expertise and aspirations.

With us, you’re on the right track

Projects that suit you

Leveraging your expertise, we present tailored project options. You choose where to attend an intake interview. Following a positive outcome, the decision to accept or decline the project remains yours. This ensures you always engage in challenging projects that bring you fulfillment while providing clients with motivated expertise.

Good work-life balance

While we encourage you to push your limits, we also prioritize maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This ensures you can give your best to successfully complete your client’s projects, all while wearing a big smile!

Room to develop

We ensure you stay abreast of the latest techniques and competencies in your field, as well as those impacting your profession. Additionally, we provide all the necessary courses and training to support your continuous growth as an expert.

Happy & future-proof

We cultivate a safe environment where you’re encouraged to share what matters most to you. Armed with this understanding, we tailor projects to match your circumstances and motivations. Ultimately, the decision to pursue an intake and accept a project rests with you.

What we have to offer and much more

Attractive Salary
A competitive salary that reflects your experience and competencies. Additional pay elements include double holiday pay in June and a year-end bonus in December.

GSM + Mobile subscription

Flat-Rate Expenses
A high flat-rate expense allowance to cover job-related expenses.

Meal Vouchers
Receive meal vouchers worth €8 per day worked.

A maximum of €250 per year for purchasing specific ecological products and services.

Annual Group Bonus
Our collective efforts are rewarded. Upon meeting group targets, each consultant receives a net bonus of €2830.

Transparent Mobility Policy
Choose between a company car or a flexible mobility budget, with additional benefits for (PH)EVs and a one-off payment for home charging station installation.

Our group insurance offers a beneficial pension plan for future financial security, along with supplementary disability coverage for peace of mind in unforeseen situations.

Health Insurance
Hospitalization insurance + outpatient insurance including dental care for an insured value of €2500 per year.

Cafeteria Plan
Benefit from advantageous bike leasing with tax benefits, and own the bike at the end of the lease period.

Unlimited Training Budget
We reimburse any education or training expenses that contribute to your professional development.

Plus, enjoy a pleasant home base in the west-region or east-region of Belgium, featuring a relaxed, no-nonsense culture and numerous fun activities to connect with your colleagues. Your free time is yours to enjoy without obligation.

Got questions? Fire away!

Whether you’re curious about our job openings or terms of employment, eager to learn about our annual summer and winter events, or simply want to delve into our corporate culture, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us at 053 85 35 35, or drop us a line using the contact form. We’re here to help!

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