High-quality software testing

Does the software meet the predefined requirements? What risks are there? What improvements are necessary? You make it clear as a test consultant at Immune-IT, in challenging projects that make you happy. Thanks to you, our <tekstlink>klanten<Link naar pagina over opdrachtgevers> in, among others, the fintech, mobility and energy sectors can count on high-quality test solutions. 

A good match for software testing

Which blood group do you have as an expert in software testing? Does your heart beat faster for test work in the front-end, where you spar with developers and consult with end users? Or do you prefer rolling up your sleeves as an analyst to get the backend right? Based on these kinds of factors, we offer you projects that suit you. You decide where you get to work.  

Manual testing or test automation

Functional testing, technical (regression) testing, load and performance testing, defect management and test management; with us, you can work with all flavors of software testing. You advise your client on an effective testing strategy with a good combination of manual and automated testing, and then implement this solution on a project basis.  

As an expert in automation, you will create realistic test environments with different scenarios or even the automation architecture. If you are mainly experienced in manual testing, you will find plenty of pro’s in your environment who can help you with the automation. 

Latest trends

Things are moving fast, especially in test automation. Think of tools such as Microsoft Playwright or Cypress. We continuously motivate you to broaden or deepen your knowledge. We do this by offering you challenging assignments in which you learn on the job. But also by facilitating meet-ups and offering you every opportunity for training and education. 

A place where you feel at home

Our goal: to be the place where you feel at home as a test consultant. That way our customers benefit from your maintainable and transferable high-quality test solutions. 

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