A solid foundation for agile management

How can you best take up your role as a scrum master or an agile coach at Immune-IT? You get the freedom to take on projects that fit your ambitions, and to take your client along in the development towards agile management in your own unique way. We offer you challenging projects and support you in your growth as an expert. 

Challenging projects in various industries

Clients from various industries are only too happy to use your knowledge in the (further) development of their agile management. Think of a global logistics player digitizing its business processes. A network operator that wants to contribute more effectively to a more sustainable world. Or a ministry where political interests play a role in the development of a new app. We make the match, you decide whether you feel the click and the drive to initiate a successful change on a project basis. 

The power of knowledge sharing

Where possible, organizations are embracing working from home and flexible working hours. With these new ways of working, it is sometimes a challenge to get development and management teams moving. That is why we give you and your fellow agile managers every opportunity to share knowledge in our own community. And to learn from each other’s experiences and insights. You also take everyone within Immune-IT – from test engineers and software developers to unit managers and the management team – on board with the latest developments in your field. 

Personal and professional development

We encourage personal and professional development. This will keep you future-proof as a consultant. Do you need training in presentation techniques? Would you like to attend a conference or event? Or would you like to polish your knowledge on a new development via a training course? If it is relevant to your development, we will be happy to arrange it for you. 

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